What is The Beer Snobs?

We are a group of friends and outspoken fans of beer, who’ve been making a weekly podcast since 2008 where we talk about beer and do blind taste test reviews of random brews. Our ultimate goal is to be known as the #1 source of reliable, honest, and entertaining beer information and reviews. Specifically among people like us who share our passion. We love beer and invite anyone to listen simply for the love of it.

We’re not here to serve any elitist majority opinion, corporate conglomerate, or specific brewery. Unlike other beer review shows we strive to be brutally honest during the blind taste testing. This means sometimes, even WE are shocked at the results. Hopefully through our unfiltered and unbiased reviews,  we can pave the way for people who are new to the world of craft beers to find new things to try.

Isn’t being a “Snob” about beer a negative thing?

It’s funny and understandable that the words “Beer Snob” have become such a sour note in the craft beer community. But our use of the term is more tongue-in-cheek than anything.  To be honest, while we have no love for the Big Three, we don’t believe in looking down on people for their various tastes. We just know what we like, and we approach the term with humor and pride for the beverage we love.

Why brand ourselves as “The Beer Snobs”?

For some time, long before the craft beer revolution, people who preferred finely crafted harder to find beers were labeled as snobs. Especially by the majority of American beer drinkers who preferred pounding “any old suds”. Now, we wear that label as a badge of honor. We are snobs in the sense that while we have our particular tastes, we appreciate great beer and the breweries that go out of their way to make the best product possible. And if we feel that a brew is bad, we won’t just tell you we didn’t like it. We’ll use our years of experience drinking beer to tell you why.

Will we snub our noses at popular domestic brands?

We aren’t beer lovers who only look at a brand and judge it. We want to show everyone that there are other choices out there and limiting yourself as a beer drinker is the worst thing that you can do. The main difference between this show and other beer geek shows is that we aren’t afraid to honestly judge beer. Blind taste testing means you will always have our honesty. If a big domestic company makes a quality beer, we’ll defend it because it’s the truth.