Episode 34: Beer Talk and Henninger Brewery Premium Lager Bier

In this episode we dedicate a segment to talking about the show itself. After that, it’s business as usual with another 100% blind taste test review. Reviewers: Daemon, B, and Hardyman of BeerQwest Blind Reviewed Beer: Henninger Brewery Premium Lager Bier  

Episode 31: Beer News and Murphy’s Irish Red

Reviewers: B, Daemon, and Brian Hardyman of BeerQwest Beer News: MillerCoors accuses former executives of embezzlement by Bruce Vielmetti of Journal Sentinel, Heineken says SABMiller attempted to acquire company, intends to stay independent by BeerPulse and Beer Giant AB InBev Explores Financing to Buy Rival SABMiller by National Association of Corporate Directors Blind Reviewed Beer: […]