Ep 101 – Samuel Adams Longshot 2013 Six Pack

Samuel Adams Longshot 2013 Six PackOn the 101th episode of The Beer Snobs our reviewers talk about if they had the chance, what weird and wacky beer would they brew for themselves and friends. They then attempted to blind review the Samuel Adams Longshot 2013 Six Pack. This six pack featured the 2012 winners Strawberry Lager, Beer Flower Wheat, Magnificent Seven.

Reviewers: B, Daemon, Big Rob, Shawnna

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  1. It’s cool that you guys did the Longshot beers but you might have wanted to check the bottling dates…I believe they were released in early spring. Probably not the freshest….I didn’t think they were half bad.

    • I usually do try to check any bottling dates, but unfortunately this was a last minute beer that was added when we recorded in September. For future recordings I will be a lot more thorough and make sure that if it is a older date that it’s mentioned during the recording.

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