Episode 22: Home Brewing With Hardyman and Lost Coast Brewery Alleycat Amber Ale

Reviewers: B, Daemon, and Brian Hardyman of BeerQwest Home Brewing with Hardyman: In the above picture is a DBA Clone made with the following. Malt Bill: Crystal 75L, Abbey, Crystal 120L, Pale Chocolate. Hops: Willamette, Kent Goldings Yeast: English Ale Yeast Brewed with wood chips soaked in 10 year old Bourbon. Blind Reviewed Beer: Lost […]

Episode 18: Home Brewing with Hardyman and König Brewery König Pilsner

Reviewers: B, Big Rob, Daemon, and Brian Hardyman from BeerQwest Home Brewing with Hardyman: In the above picture is a Chocolate Robust Porter made with the following. Hops: Columbus, Cascade Malts: Ultra Light, Black Patent, Chocolate, Crystal 40L CA Ale Yeast, 6.55% ABV. Blind Reviewed Beer: König Brewery König Pilsner

Ep 5 – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Aarons Oden’s Breath

Reviewers: B, The Professor, and Aaron Beers: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Arron’s own version of a Pale Ale called “Oden’s Breath” It’s that time again for The Beer Snobs as they once again attempt to judge the good brews from the swill. This time we discuss the open of a brand nee Irish bar called […]

Ep 3 – Iron Fist Hired Hand and Unibroue Terrible

Reviewers: B, Aaron, Hef Beers: Iron Fist Hired Hand Unibroue Terrible Once again, it’s time to pull up a bar stool and have a pint with your favorite beer connoisseurs. This time the crew discusses our favorite local bars and take on the task of blind tasting Iron Fist Hired Hand and Unibroue Terrible.