Otiose, Tart of Darkness, Melange #3

Ep 66 – The Bruery Review: Otiose, Tart of Darkness, Melange #3

Reviewers: B, Big Rob, Shawnna, DaemØn On this special episode we discussed “the most weird and unique beer that we you have had?”. We then reviewed three beers in from a local brewery, The Bruery. We had the luck of getting Otiose, Tart of Darkness, Melange #3. Two of those were from The Bruery’s 2013 […]

Stone Smoked Porter w/Chipotle and w/ Vanilla Beans

Ep 30 – Stone Smoked Porter w/ Chipotle Peppers and w/ Vanilla Bean

Reviewers: (Snobs) B and Big Rob, (BierBuzz) Bryan and Jason On this special episode of The Beer Snobs, we jump into the Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean or with Chipotle Peppers debate. And to make this even more unique, we have invited our friends Bryan and Jason from BierBuzz. So let Stone know what […]

One year anniversary show!

Reviewers: DaemØn, Professor, Big Rob and Shawnna This is a special show since we are celebrating our first anniversary! On this show all current reviewers (except for Aaron, he’s been a bit busy lately so hopefully he will find some time to say something on a later show) get a chance to reflect on the […]

Ep 27 – Bottle vs Can: New Castle

Reviewers: DaemØn, B, Aaron and Shawnna Well this a is a first for The Beer Snobs, as we debut our new special bottle versus can challenge. Unlike our tradition blind taste testing shows, this an on the spot review to see if we can tell exactly what the difference is between various beers that are […]

Minisode 06/02/12 – Lakefront Brewery Bridge Burner

Reviewers: B, The Professor, Big Rob and Robyn On this special minisode, we give our new Marketing and PR snob Robyn a chance to taste test Lakefront Brewery’s Bridge Burner, also we talk about the following events that we have been apart of. Stone’s Tap Takeover at Limericks Tavern Liqourama’s Taste Testing B and The […]