Budweiser Brewmasters' Project Twelve

Ep 75 – Budweiser Brewmasters’ Project Twelve

On this episode we compared experiences wine and beer tasting, then surprised our reviewers with Budweiser Brewmasters’ Project Twelve blind taste testing show. The individual beers were Batch #23185 – Light Amber Bourbon Cask Lager, Batch #63118 – Deep Golden Pilsner, and Batch #91406 – Deep Amber Lager. Reviewers: DaemØn, Big Rob, Bryan, Melissa

Ep 4 – Sol Cerveza and Stella Artois

Join us for this weeks show when we discuss the topic of Total Wine & More expanding their craft beer selection and have another round of blind taste testing. Listen to the pint glasses crash, as their pallets clash with Sol Cerveza and Stella Artois. Reviewers: B, The Professor, Aaron